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Make up influencers and finding them

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but finding influencers without paying a nickel is a tricky process. Why? Because your goal isn’t only to find makeup influencers, it’s to find people who resonate with your target audience.

However it is possible to find someone with a large following, who focuses on makeup content. This short guide will present how to find makeup influencers on Instagram without paying for a tool to do it for you. 

For the sake of this guide, let’s assume we are looking for makeup influencers in Montreal.

Google it. Makeup Influencers in..

Make up influencer search
top result for searching instagram influencers in google

Simply starting with a google search to find influencers in a city that are popular enough to have a blog writing about them is a decent start to a manual search. In this case, we found a list from MTLblog.

3 Montreal Makeup Influencers are listed there.

makeup influencer cynthiadulude profile picture


makeup influencer from montreal ajmakup content


makeup influencer beautybyalexia photo

After searching and discovering some potential influencers, the next step is to verify the ones best connect with your brands message, values and identity. Finally, reach out and confirm that their pricing is in your budget range and they are available to work. 


Go directly to the source. This time, search instagram for the location Montreal and start scrolling. About 100 results in you will find someone like @Hanathewifey.

instagram feed and content example of a makup influencer

Hanna’s content is mostly focused on luxury beauty products, fashion and cosmetics and her bio does say she is in Montreal. So as far as our eye can see, she is a perfect fit for our makeup blog search on Instagram. 

If your target market is much broader, you can also use hashtags. These are some popular hashtags used by makeup related influencers: 

#Makeupartist #Makeupaddict #Makeupjunkie #Makeuplover #Makeupforever #Makeupbyme #Makeupmafia Makeupmurah #Makeupoftheday #Makeuplook #Mascara #Makeupgeek #Makeuplovers #Instamakeup #Instamakeupartist #Makeupporn #Makeupobsessed #Beauty #Eyeliner #Makeupfanatic1 #Eyeshadow #Lipgloss #Makeuptalk #Makeuptutorial #Makeuplove #makeupoftheday #makeuptutorial #makeupjunkie #makeupblogger #makeuponfleek #makeupparty #makeuplife #makeupideas #makeuplook #makeuponpoint

Free tools to find influencers on instagram:

finding makup influencers with a influencer marketing tool
influencer search tool results for makup influencers in montreal

There are free influencer tools out there, some better than others of course. The above snapshot is from, a marketplace for Instagram influencers and brands. 

They list @learoy, @Ameliexmartin and @flomarcotte as the best Montreal based makeup creators. These creators have signed up to their marketplace and are likely open to offers. 

Word of mouth:

You likely know someone interested in makeup. Ask them who they follow, who is their favorite makeup tutorial creator on Instagram or who they take advice from on makeup related questions.

You can also look to see which influencers other brands in your niche are working with and reach out to them. It’s possible that you can find someone willing to switch, or to promote both brands. 

If you do end up finding an influencer who suits your campaign you can also ask for referrals. Ask them who else creates content like theirs or who they enjoy. They should know who is who in your area and have advice to share about connecting with them.

Results of finding makeup influencers manually.

That’s how to you can find influencers in the makeup niche without spending a single penny. However it is important to know what you’re getting yourself into. Remember those three promising influencers we mentioned in the beginning?

Here’s the shocking reality of what their audience looks like.

influencer search tool modash showing in depth data of 3 makup influencers

Remember, the only criteria we were seeking was creators related to makeup who can reach audiences in Montreal. As you can see if we had worked with all of the influencers listed above, we might have overpaid 80%. Paying to reach followers outside of your target audience is like throwing darts at the floor and hoping for a bullseye.

After calculating fake followers and those followers outside of Montreal it becomes clear that sometimes relying on manual labour is not actually less expensive. Not only will you need to spend your hours finding creators and doing outreach, but it might all be in vain.

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