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How to find influencers? You NEED to know these 7 things.

Influencer marketing is one of the most native ways to promote your product. If you figure out how to find Influencers to promote your product, you can find unprecedented ROI. The first step of course, to any influencer campaign is finding them. But what do you need to keep in mind when finding influencers? Who can promote your brand effectively and develop meaningful relationships with your customers?

Here is a list of metrics to consider when finding influencers on Instagram.

Finding influencers made Easy

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How to find influencers through follower credibility

Creators have fake followers. In fact, all of us do. In 2018, it was reported there may be more than 95 Million fake instagram accounts posing as real followers on instagram. These come from highly lucrative businesses selling fake followers for just a few cents a piece. The question is, how many followers are fake?

graph showing how much costs buying fake followers

The only way to accurately determine how many followers are fake is to use a tool that identifies fake followers on instagram.


The best way to find out how many fake followers an influencer has without a tool would be to look at the engagements that the creator has. If the creator has thousands of followers but gets couple of likes, then those followers are likely fake.

Identifying an influencer with fake followers:

Robots don’t make for good conversation. While they are successful dropping comments on posts to drive engagement, they suck at saying anything of substance. Check out the comment section and look for some of these red flags:

🚩Short, meaningless comments like “So cool”, “Great” or “Amazing shot”.

🚩Comments without words. Emojis only.

🚩Long, unnatural text that doesn’t fit the context. “Wow. This is looking like the best shot I have seen today. I can’t believe it!”

The rule of thumb: Ask yourself if a real human would write that. 


Genuine people behave on Instagram as if they are speaking with their friends. See if the creator replies and engages with their audience. If comments have nuance and bring an honest discussion in the comments, you have checked the first box of finding an influencer.


If you find out that a creator is active in their comment section, engaging with their audience and provoking discussion you’ve found true potential for a strong brand ambassador. They keep their audience interested and solve a lot of your problems from educating the customer to customer support.

How many fake followers is okay?

follower credibility bar on modash platform

With a tool like Modash, understanding how real an influencers audience is becomes simple. Just check out this easily understandable percentage. How we judge the authenticity of an influencer lands loosely on these guidelines:

80% – 100% follower credibility – The influencer hasn’t purchased followers nor have they participated in follower boosting activities ( Follow for Follow, Like for Like, Engagement Pods and so on ).

70% – 80% follower credibility – Influencer has not purchased followers, but might have participated in follower boosting activities ( Follow for Follow, Like for Like, Engagement Pods etc).

60% – 70% follower credibility – Influencer has likely purchased followers, or has heavily participated in follower boosting activities ( Follow for Follow, Like for Like, Engagement Pods and so on ).

0% – 60% follower credibility – Influencer has almost certainly purchased followers and we advise to look for more credible influencers to work with.

This is a good rule to follow. But keep in mind that not every audience is created equal. Bots on Instagram crawl through thousands of accounts, liking and following in an attempt to gain followers. It could be that a person with 75% follower credibility has never done any follower boosting. They may have gotten very unlucky.

How to find influencers by follower Location

The location of the audience is key in selecting social media influencers. The influencer might be from a country that you are doing your campaign in, but the followers may not be.

Maybe they lived abroad for a while. Maybe they do content specifically for a different audience, in a different country.

Consider a social media creator with 100,000 followers. If only 25% of their audience is in the location that you need to target, you’re quite heavily overpaying for reach. Although it means that they have 25 000 followers still in that region, there is more efficient ways to reach that audience.

audience data graph showing where influencer followers are from

Influencer Audience Demographics - who are you targeting?

There is a strong difference between celebrity social media accounts and genuine social media influencers. In some cases, working with celebrity creators can be effective, but usually you overpay for untargeted reach.

Celebrity influencers don’t build rich niches for themselves. Contrarily, they have wide reaching audiences of all demographics. Most products are designed for a certain niche. Celebrity influencers are best suited for brand awareness and typically charge a hefty premium.

According to CNBC, celebrities like Kylie Jenner are charging nearly 1 million per post on instagram. Selena Gomez and Cristiano Ronaldo both charge approximately $800,000. These numbers are simply not efficient or even possible for most brands.

For smaller brands to start off is best to tackle one specific niche of the market with influencers who speak specifically to that target audience.

How modash shows audience demographics data

For example. You are a in the business of making camera accessories. Now comes a questions whether you should work with a famous person or a smaller influencer. A famous celebrity could get your product more eyeballs. But is it worth to pay extra for those eyeballs?

So you find 2 potential people to work with:

Billie Eilish – a fast growing star in the music industry, widely known especially among young adults.

Modash influencer analytics on Billie eilish instagram profile

Peter Mckinnon – a well known photography influencer on Youtube and Instagram

Influencer analytics on Peter Mckinnons instagram profile

As you can see, working with a celebrity like Billie Eilish might at a first glance seem like a decent idea. Camera and photography for her is in the top 5 of audience interests. But you will be paying almost 4 times the price for reaching her audience. Since only a quarter of them are actually interested in photography. Where as Peter has 70% of his audience interested in photography. Plus Billie won’t start extra conversations about the product in the comment section. She is a singer. That is not her passion.

This is the advantage of using professionals at their niche like Peter. He will be using your product. He will learn the ins and outs of it. Allowing him and the community to take over the work of your customer support. Since people often talk about the product advertised in the comments. If anyone has any problems with your product. They bring it out there and there is always someone who has a solution to that problem. Saving your team time and money.

When searching for influencer manually, look to the accounts of the audience. Scrolling through the profiles following an influencer will give you a guess at which age group and gender is following that person.

Engagement Rate Calculation

We’ve mentioned engagement rate a couple of times in this post, but how is it calculated?

Image showing how engagement rate is calulated: Engagemet = (likes+comments)/followers

Engagement rate is an important metric. It shows how many people are actively engaging with the content. More active followers are more likely to take the advice of a creator. Your message will reach an engaged audience.

At Modash, we take the engagement rate from analyzing the latest 30 posts the influencer has made.

Under 2% – low engagement rate

2% – 5 % – average / medium engagement rate

5% – 10% – high engagement rate

Over 10% – very high engagement rate

Before calculating the engagement rate make sure that the the engagements are authentic. The same way you can buy followers, the influencer can also buy fake engagements.

You can take a guess at the authenticity of the comments, but verifying likes is trickier. Look out for posts that have abnormally high number of likes. These can be a sign of purchased engagement.

Take a look through the followers who have engaged with that content. This is an extremely time consuming process. There are tools that measure the number of fake followers the engagement rate is displayed, fake engagements excluded.

 If you previously verified the authenticity of the followers, you can already be quite confident that those engagements are real as well.

Find influencers by taking a look at audience interests

It’s not unreasonable to think that the content an influencer is producing directly correlates to the interests of the audience. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the very opposite.

 A lifestyle influencer could have a majority audience interested in luxury items, travel or health and fitness. It could be that you didn’t notice his career as a comedian or his failed attempt to run for local mayor.

 Viewing the followers and the content they post is a good indication of audience interests. Identify what kind of people are following an influencer and what kind of topics are they bringing out in the comments. If it matches up with your expectation, you might have found your perfect influencer. Although predicting this accurately is near impossible.


Examples of interest categories that is searchable on Modash:


Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories

Television & Film

Camera & Photography

Beauty & Cosmetics

Toys, Children & Babies


Healthy Lifestyle

Home Decor, Furniture & Garden

Shopping & Retail

Coffee, Tea & Beverages

Friends, Family & Relationships


Art & Design

Travel, Tourism & Aviation

Restaurants, Food & Grocery

Electronics & Computers


And so on…


Don’t go too niche.


Make it very clear what and who are you looking for. Sometimes it is not as obvious as you may think. Let’s say you are in the business of making mugs.  Now if you start looking for “ mug influencers “ you are already in trouble. Think how many people do you know or have you seen who post and follow profiles with mugs in them.

 None, there is no such thing as a mug influencer. So take a look who are your potential buyers. CEOs? Gamers? Environmental friendly people? and look for the influencers who are talking to them.

 The context of Instagram means people talk about a narrow group of topics. For example, it’s harder to find architecture enthusiasts, travel photographers capturing amazing cityscapes.

 Modash displays on its platform the top 5 interests that their followers relate to.

Here are some general guidelines on what these numbers actually mean:

Under 20% – Very low amount of the audience are interested in this topic. If this % shows up as the top result for the influencer. Their audience’s interests are really scattered and the influencer has no unified niche to target.

Between 20% and 30 % –  Low amount of followers are interested in this topic. If this % shows up as the top result for the influencer. The influencer most likely is not making content towards a certain audience.

Between 30% and 40 % – Average/Medium amount of followers are interested in this topic.

Between 40% and 50% – High amount of followers are interested in this topic. The influencer is attracting a certain kind of an audience and is targetable.

Over 50% – Very high amount of followers are interested in this topic. The influencer content is reaching a certain niche and is highly targetable.

Finding influencers with #'s and @mentions

Using #’s is another good way to find creators. With a proper # you are quite likely to find someone influential who is related to a niche that is associated to that #.

Let’s say I am looking for Interior designers. Just a quick search with #interiordesign gets me to the profile of Robert Passal an interior designer from New York. The issue with this method is though that you don’t have control over the location of the influencers that you are finding, or the location of the audience. A big problem. Here to remember is to still check the credibility of the influencer and their audience.

Also each niche has their own popular #’s associated to them. Like we explained in our article about finding fitness influencers. The popular #’s associated to this on instagram are: #FitnessGuru, #FitnessBody, #FitnessMotivation, #GymTime, #FitnessBlogger #FitnessAddict #FitnessLover  and many more.

instagram profile of Robert Passal, discovered through # search

@mentions are good to figure out who are the people or other brands that the influencers are working with. Look to the content the influencer is tagged in for more hints about who they might be working with. Introductions are a strong relationship starter with other creators in the same niche.

If the influencers have used #ad or @mentioned a brand, they are likely open to new collaboration offers. It can also show in which kind of an industry they are in. Although an influencer may also say no to promoting your product due to an existing promotion. You may want to also try to offer exclusivity deals for the influencers and and potentially turn them into your product ambassadors.

Here to keep in mind is that some people do create fake promotional ad to get brands attention that they are trustworthy to work with. Here the only guideline to follow is just common sense. Why do they do this? Because it not only makes them more appealing to brands, but also it helps them with gaining new followers.

For example one of the Instagrammers who admitted to faking sponsored posts. Lifestyle influencer Sydney Pugh.

On one of her recent post she tagged a local coffee shop, making it look as if she’d been paid for the post . Instead of writing “I need coffee to get through the day,” she wrote “I love Alfred’s coffee because of A, B, C”.

Read more about this on Dailymail.

In addition If an influencer has 4000 followers and is promoting the newest Apple product, then most likely there is something fishy happening as well.

Influencer Content

As they all say, content is king.

Before deciding to work with an influencer, compare the content that they have made so far with your brand values and vision. You don’t want to work with an influencer that does not represent your brand values or goes even against them. It might change the public view of your brand. Working with a creator that doesn’t represent your brand well might also send unqualified leads to your site.

When people decide to visit your brand, you want it to be for the right reasons. You want them to be the right person. You need to reach them with content that speaks to them, the way your brand would.

Rapid Growth

Success in creating a long term relationship with a rapidly growing influencer can be a life changing event for the company. Now suddenly the influencer who you worked who had 10 000 followers and has rapidly grown to an audience of 250 000. All the work that you have done before is being leveraged with no extra cost. This is why it is important to push not only your own success, but to make sure that the influencers are happy and growth orientated as well.

To find influencers who are gaining rapid amounts of followers is difficult. When searching for influencers, look for those golden opportunities to identify high-growth audiences. There are tools that help you identify growing creators for free.

Looking out for these types of creators may increase your influencer marketing ROI exponentially.

Here is an example from Socialblade.

socialblade graph showing the total daily following or karlapwellmua

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