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Find influencers anywhere in the world. See their audience demographics and performance data. Make good decisions for your company. 


Modash UI how to find influencers fast

5 things to check when you find influencers.

Marketers that get results (like you), verify some important details about the influencers they find.

  1. How many fake followers do they have?
  2. Where is their audience?
  3. How old is their audience?
  4. What is their engagement rate?
  5. Is their content right for my brand?

With Modash, all of these details and more are presented whenever you find an influencer that might be a match. This makes it easy for you to build a high-performance influencer marketing program with the most suitable ones for you.

How does Modash work?

Using Modash to find influencers is easy, fast and effective. Simply choose your search criteria and we show you which influencers match your needs.

Find influencers with metrics like:

  1. Number of followers
  2. Engagement rate
  3. Followers age
  4. Followers city or country
  5. Followers Interests
Much, much more. Once you’ve found an influencer, quickly view data and take control of your influencer decision making.

Trusted by marketers globally you.

From Silicon Valley E-commerce businesses to Europe’s fastest growing startup. Modash works wonders for brands of alll shapes and sizes to find and verify influencers.